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We are NOT closing! Yay!

The nitty gritty

We will still be here for you! Our new business hours will be Friday through Sunday 9am to 1pm. We will be offering our full breakfast menu and the (tentative) lunch items of the Vera fried chick'n sandwich, The Happy Hen (Sara) sandwich, The Carl (BLT), and the Rose chick'n salad with all of our sides including fries, onion rings, and fried mushrooms, etc.

We will still have baked goods available for purchase in-house and via deliveries including muffins, cookies, scones, cupcakes, and cake jars.

From Monday 7/31 to Sunday 8/13 we will be open for online bakery orders from 10am to 3pm Monday through Thursday and 10am to 2pm Fri, Sat & Sun. 8/14 and beyond we will still accept bakery & custom orders, but the hours & days may change (we'll keep you updated!)

How to order

  1. We will have a kiosk for in-house orders

  2. Grubhub or pickup or delivery

  3. Uber Eats for pickup or delivery

  4. Square Online for pickup

Phone orders may not be possible since we will have limited staff. Phones will be answered if possible, but the above ordering methods will be preferred.

How do I get my food?

  1. Choose one of the above methods to order, then walk-in to pickup or receive it via delivery (Uber Eats or Grubhub).

  2. We will still have counter seating (5 seats), but will not have indoor tables. We are still deciding if we will have our outdoor tables.

Why are these changes happening?

Chuck and I (Holly) are a husband & wife team and we each work over 70 hours each week on and in the business. We started as a home business in 2020 and after three years, we are honestly tired and need more time for family (and rest!)

Although our weekdays are busy at times, they are not busy enough to sustain our business. Most of our business comes on the weekend, so we are reducing staff and will be open Friday through Sunday 9am to 1pm.


Our staff has been an integral part of our business and we are heart broken to have to let them go. Chelsea has been with us from our brick & mortar opening in 2021, created our coffee menu, taught us so much about drinks and work flow, and was a master at customer service. Alynor saved our 2021 Christmas and had become an invaluable asset with her creative art talents, hard work, amazing outlook, positive attitude, and complete dedication. Lee has been amazing with his flexibility and was our positive light on the front line. Our son Gabe is young, but learning quickly and will still be working with us.

What's Next?

We will still be here for you! Change is hard, but we are hoping that by breaking the business down we can rebuild bigger and better for you!

We will be offering retail and wholesale of our eggs, turkey seitan, ham seitan, steak seitan, our sauces, and more! We'll keep you updated on our ordering process for these items. We hope to be able to ship them out of Rochester for those who have moved away. All of this is a work in progress, so we thank you in advance for you patience and for sticking with us.

We love you!

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Hello! I want to recommend a location change. Love your menu items and would think Your weekday and weekend traffic would increase with a move. Maybe North Winton village? Or cornhill. Just a suggestion. You can also take a survey To know where you customer base is if it’s helps. Wishing you all the success!

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