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Changes are coming

Changes to Hollycake House business hours & model

Hollycake House started as a home bakery in 2020 and we (Holly & Charles) launched our brick & mortar cafe & bakery in November 2021 in East Rochester, NY. In that time we have met so many amazing people many of whom became our regular customers and our friends. We absolutely love creating amazing vegan food & bakery items for everyone, but the reality is that we just cannot keep up with the rising costs of doing business. For this reason we have decided to change our business hours and model. What does this mean?

What's Next?

The 7/26-7/30 business week will be the last week in regular operation. From Friday August 4th we will only be open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9am to 1pm each week for delivery and pickup of breakfast, coffee and some baked goods (lunch menu will be reduced). Unfortunately, this means no walk-in or phone orders as our staff will be greatly reduced.

Website bakery orders will continue as normal until Saturday August 12th. At which time bakery order availability will change week to week, but will be posted on our website.

Custom bakery orders will remain on a request basis and will be dependent on our availability.


We are working on offering our products for wholesale and on our website for retail sale. Some of these items will be our signature vegan egg patties, sauces, seitan, vegan steak, and vegan ham.

Holly will be working on recipes and recipe videos for the bakery items that you've come to love from Hollycake House.


We cannot thank you all enough for all you've given us the past three(ish) years. We've been so grateful for the opportunity to take this leap into Holly's dream of owning a bakery and we've been very successful because of all of you. We love that we've created a friendly and inclusive space for all to enjoy.

We opened our hearts, shared our family recipes and cannot be more delighted to know that you enjoyed them as much as we do.

We hope that you understand our decision to change and adapt and hope you stick around with us as we evolve.

Questions? Comments?

Add your questions or comments below or email us at

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